"Twisted Realism" A visual artist, creating moody black and white tonal drawings in charcoal, pastel and graphite. Inspired by the human figure, story telling and Europe.


Twisted Realism Reaches Europe

In a few weeks time we leave for Europe. Ever since my “A Stranger in Familiar Place” Exhibition back in 2007, I have wrestled with the notion that I am a misplaced person.
All of the artwork that I bring to my paper and canvas, has no Australian influences, never has. Yet when I strolled around France on my first visit, there was an overwhelming sense of being “home”. 
This will be third visit in six years, and each trip feels more and more like a reconnaissance for something more permanent. This time the journey is interspersed with a wonderful week long residency, teaching my art processes and practices to senior Art students at the International School Lausanne, in Switzerland.
As I’ve prepared for this workshop, exploring my processes and practice has been very challenging, and rewarding. How much we take for granted what we do. It just happens spontaneously with little obvious thought. I just do it! I have always just done it! As you reflect on what it is you do, you soon realise the enormous accumulated knowledge and skill that has been gained over a life time of hard graft, questioning and a deep love for the thing that is ultimately your passion.
Works from 
"A Stranger In A Familiar Place"
(Oil on canvas. 76cm x101cm)

I love art, but I love teaching it as much, and spreading the word about the joy of exploring your passions, no matter what it is.Little do the students know that the pleasure is always all mine.

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  1. The Layers Called Desire

    When following the freedom
    of soul's highest sense
    to explore with charcoal
    or tint on paper
    or tin, what is revealed
    will absolutely
    blow the dust
    from the theory
    that heredity
    is running the show.
    The Hollard tunnel
    will weave you home
    via Lac Leman
    to a land where
    your name will soon
    grace the brush
    in your hand
    and the masterpieces
    that flower
    with the years
    that cannot be contained by eternity
    will flourish in your
    'Book of Deeds'.

    Cool stuff Pete. Strap on leather flying helmet and scream Viola!!! The time has come.