"Twisted Realism" A visual artist, creating moody black and white tonal drawings in charcoal, pastel and graphite. Inspired by the human figure, story telling and Europe.


Back To Paris

This is our neighbourhood around Hotel Jeff, which is situated on the corner of Rue Richer and Rue Montmartre-Faubourg in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.
The view from our loft window.

Where we sit and eat tea some nights.                            Passage Verdeau, a short cut. 

Surrounding rooftops.

Our local Cafe Le Faubourg.                              Below us, Le Faubourg's red awning.

Our room.
See the Flak Pharmacy sign in the middle of the photo.
Now count five sets of windows up from that.
That's our loft window with balcony!
The room behind is quite large.

And what artist worth his weight has never wanted to live in a loft in Paris?

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  1. Goodness me ~ you are making me ill with jealousy. Can you come home soon, so that I don't die by turning green? Luv you both. Mx